Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why are Some People Against Backyard Chickens?

From the research I've been doing, the same objections have been brought up in communities everywhere. Some of these are valid, but like so many other pets, it depends on the owner.

Some objections to having chickens in the city are:

Chickens are noisy. The gentle clucking of a hen is a soothing noise, unlike the neighbors barking dog, the police sirens, and the beating bass from passing car speakers. Typically, a hen clucks in excitement after she lays an egg. She's proud of her accomplishment and wants to announce that something marvelous just happened. A hen lays an egg approximately every 24 hours. I'm thinking the noise would be hardly noticed in comparison to other typical city noises.

When talking about chicken noises, usually roosters come to mind, don't they? Roosters are quite loud. Most cities prohibit having roosters because of this noise. Which really isn't a problem, because roosters are not necessary to get eggs. They are only necessary if you want that egg to turn into a chick.

Chickens smell. It is true that an unclean chicken coop can smell. If the chicken areas are cleaned once or twice a week, there should be no problem with the smell. The same holds true with dog houses - they also stink if their feces are not cleaned up. A positive of chicken dung is that is a wonderful addition to our gardens once it is composted. Cat & Dog poop should not be used for composting.

Tending to chickens has been described as therapeutic, much like working a garden. I can't wait to get my chicken therapy!

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