Saturday, July 18, 2009

Local Food Sources

Many say that having backyard chickens is as satisfying as having your own garden. With self-sustainability and getting food locally envogue right now, having backyard chickens makes sense.

Locavore, as described by Wisconsin Public Television, are people who pay attention to where their food comes from, and eat as much of it from local sources as possible. WPT went so far as to list 10 Ways to Become a Locavore.

Why should you eat local? There is a wonderful article explaining things in much more detail than I will attempt, but here are the reasons, according to
  • Eating local means more for the local economy
  • Locally grown is fresher
  • Local food just plain tastes better
  • Locally grown food has longer to ripen
  • Eating local is better for air quality and pollution
  • Buying local keeps us in touch with the seasons
  • Buying locally grown food is fodder for a wonderful story.
Whether it's the farmer who brings local apples to market or the baker who makes local bread, knowing part of the story about your food is such a powerful part of enjoying a meal.
  • Eating local protects us from bio-terrorism
  • Local food translates to more variety
  • Supporting local providers supports responsible land development.
While I do not fully agree with all of the above, I definitely feel that eating local is just a great way to do things overall.

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